Sobre nÓS


It was here on June 6, 2015 that everything started, Mário Afonso and Rui Marcelo created the Choco & Nut brand in the intention to sweeten the most delicious in Faro.
With great effort and dedication the brand grew and marked its position in the Algarve region. The approval of the chocolovers was the main reason for the success of the house.
In January 2016, the International Franchising project began, which was completed in August of the same year. From then on, the greedy people of Portugal were able to enjoy our temptations for the rest of the country.

With obstacles from day one, we have found the way to success. With dedication and ambition we form the Choco & Nut family!

The cutlery furthest from the plate is intended for the first course. If you're unsure, let the host eat first and followtheir lead. (1).png